How Much Does Private Healthcare Cost?

How Much Does Private Healthcare Cost

This has to be one of the top questions we are asked. Well, cost depends on a variety of different factors, including:

  • Age
    The older we are, the more likely we are to need medical treatment and so the more a policy costs.
  • Outpatient cover
    Whether you opt for full outpatient cover, outpatient cover up to a set limit or no outpatient cover at all.
  • Location
    Where you’re based in the UK will impact your policy; if you live near expensive hospitals, such as in Central London, you’ll pay more for your cover.
  • Hospital lists
    The list of hospitals you’re eligible for treatment in will affect the cost of your Health Insurance, with more expensive hospitals meaning higher premiums.
  • Excess
    How much you’re willing to pay upfront for your treatment before the insurance policy takes over, e.g. the first £100 towards your care.
  • Additional extras
    Optional extras on your policy, such as dental and optical cover, will increase the cost of your premiums.

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