Lady Grover's Fund

Providing cost effective health insurance for officers’ families

Lady Grover’s Fund is a little known Fund that offers insurance to help meet the often unexpected costs associated with recovery from either illness or injury for officers’ families.

The Fund was established in 1911 by Lady Grover whilst living in India as an Army wife. She saw the need to help officers meet the costs of hospital care arising from family illnesses, as there was no Services medical care available to families at that time. Since then, the Fund has continued to grow and evolve, and now operates as a Friendly Society.

By joining as a member you gain access to financial support that helps cover the costs of recovering in a nursing home, hiring a temporary nurse or domestic help in the home. The Fund itself does not cover medical health needs; it covers the costs the costs of nursing expenses incurred by illness or injury.

The Sawers Family

Clare Sawers joined Lady Grover’s Fund when she was an Army spouse with two young sons at the time, living away on base. When she unfortunately broke four ribs after falling from her horse and was unable to manage day to day living, she called on the Fund to help cover the costs of employing local help to assist with the shopping, cooking, driving. Clare was then able to rest and recuperate from her fall, and the Sawer’s family life resumed with the Fund’s assistance.

Having additional support when you need it the most can help to ensure working and home life does not have to stop when a family member is ill or recovering from injury.

Joining costs are low; £60 (equivalent to £5 per month) for a year’s subscription to the Fund.

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