Is it time to get Private Medical Insurance?

Is it time to get Private Medical Insurance?

With ever rising NHS waiting lists and delays is now the time to get Private Medical Insurance?

The latest figures for NHS waiting times make for unsettling reading.

‘NHS Waiting list at a record high as 5.8 million still waiting for treatment’.
This was the latest article released from the Independent on the 11th November 2021

 With these figures being the highest since August 2007 and comes as hospital leaders have warned the health service is at “breaking point”.

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Is now the time to get Private Health Insurance?

More and more people are considering Private Health Insurance to protect themselves and loved ones from long waits on the NHS.


Going private gives you speedy access to high-quality healthcare and the best chance of a fast recovery and a rapid return to paid work.

  • Less time waiting
  • Private room in comfortable surroundings
  • More control
  • Back on your feet faster
  • Leading Cancer care & drugs


In short, there aren’t many better ways to spend your money than paying for good private medical insurance to ensure you and your family stay healthy and happy.


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