Are you paying too much for your Private Medical Insurance?

Reviewing your policy and the market

Do you have Private Healthcare already?
You’ll normally see the premiums rise year on year but how do you know you’re still getting the right deal?

There are a variety of different factors, including:

Health & Underwriting:

  • First things first –  Are you in good health? Have you made any claims on your existing policy? Many individual policies use a No Claims Discount, so if you have made claims this may have pushed your premiums up.
  • Do you have any planned or pending claims? If so, now might not be the time to move.
  • Has your treatment finished? Many insurers now offer opportunities to ‘switch or Continuing Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME)’. This is where you can move from one provider to another. Sometimes this is called ‘protected underwriting’, ‘switch’ or ‘no worse terms’. Under a CPME arrangement, the new PMI provider would copy any personal medical exclusions from the existing policy, meaning that your exclusions would remain the same. However, crucially, they would not add any new exclusions.
  • Assuming you’re in good health you could look for a new policy with new underwriting terms.

Getting a quote –

  • Now you know what sort of underwriting you want – Full Medical Underwriting, Moratorium Underwriting, Medical History Disregarded, Switch or Continuing Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME)
  • The new insurer will want to know – Your details, Age, postcode, smoker status etc.
  • What sort of policy – ‘like for like’ cover or do you want to increase or decrease the level of cover.
  • Excess level – again you may have the option to select a higher or lower excess

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