8 Unexpected Benefits of Health Insurance

Here in the UK, we’re lucky enough to benefit from having the NHS, but with backlogs and delays many people choose to insure themselves with Private Medical Insurance which provides a number of excellent benefits.

  1. Less Waiting!

Increased demand and lack of public funding means that routine and non-emergency treatments and operations can have very long waiting lists. With Private Medical Insurance cover, you can most likely bypass waiting lists and receive the treatments you need quickly.

2. Recover in a Private Room

With the right policy, you’ll be able to choose to receive your treatment in a private hospital or medical facility. This means – you may benefit from staying and recovering in a private room.


3. Gain Access to Specialist Drugs & Treatments

Some drugs and treatments aren’t available on the NHS because they are deemed too expensive or are yet to be approved by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in England and Wales). With private medical cover you can access specific medicines and treatments that aren’t available on the NHS.

Speak to our expert team if you’re looking to access a specific treatment or drug – we can help find the perfect policy for your health needs.


4. Specific Scans & Medical Tests

Non-emergency scans and tests sometimes have waiting lists on the NHS. With the right PMI cover you can bypass waiting lists and your specialist will be able to book you in for specific scans and medical tests – should you ever need them.



5. More Choice

An obvious benefit of health insurance but one that usually gets forgotten about: the ability to choose. With the right PMI cover you can often choose from an array of options, including: which hospital you are treated in, when your treatment takes place and you can sometimes ask for referrals to specific specialists.


6. Access Physiotherapy

Most people don’t know that often those with Private Medical Insurance you can access physiotherapy as part of their cover. Make sure you check the small print of your policy to see if this is included (we can do this for you).


7. Cancer Cover

Although it’s important to note that not all UK health insurance policies cover cancer treatment (it’s worth checking your policy details) there are some policies on offer that cover it as part of their general package.

Speak to our expert team if you’re interested in finding cover which includes cover for cancer.



8. Member Offers & Discounts

Most health insurance providers now offer their policy holders exclusive offers and discounts as a way to promote healthy living and as a way to say thank you for choosing them.
Many popular providers offer benefits which can save you money each month, like discounted coffee vouchers and free gym memberships.


How We Can Help You

At Forces Health, we’re passionate about finding a Private Medical Insurance policy that’s entirely suited to your healthcare requirements, as well as suiting your budget – we search the market place and find the right quotes for you to choose from.

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